Oh right – that problem we forgot to discuss

IMG_0013The day after Josie’s visit to the oncologist, they called with the lab results. Bloodwork was still good but the urine still had protein in it and an elevated gravity. They had requested additional protein related tests and didn’t expect the results in until early next week.

So what does this mean? Possible kidney problems.

With Josie’s weight loss, I didn’t even discuss this problem with Dr W and what the real possibilities are.  Guess I will have to wait until the results are back to really know what to do.

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3 Responses to Oh right – that problem we forgot to discuss

  1. *sigh* we don’t like hearing these things. Sending extra hugs, ear licks, and POTP ❤ Noodle

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    • The Admiral says:

      Its all about the little battles – she’s eating again, so small victory (and today completely empty food bowl – as long as I mixed in canned food. spoiled dog.) We’ll hold out on sad thoughts until we hear the results. Maybe it just means a respite from Palladia. I’ve heard a number of times dogs with nasal tumors do great on anti-inflammatories alone. Maybe that is the route ahead for us. Either way – thanks for the thoughts and hugs and ear licks (Josie really appreciates it).

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