She looked hungary

A few years ago, I had my first (and only) vacation without my dogs. I left them in the care of some neighbors with very explicit food instructions for Josie. One cup of food in the morning. Another in the evening. That’s it.

When I returned two weeks after dropping them off, I noticed Josie wasn’t as eager to eat her food. I thought nothing of it and was a bit glad that she was eating slowly.

The next time I talked to my neighbor (he wasn’t around when I picked the dogs up), he had a confession for me:

“The first morning Josie was with us, I gave her a cup of food. She ate it very fast and looked at me for more. Thinking she was still hungry, I refilled her bowl. She ate that too. So I filled it again and she ate that too.  She got sick later that day and didn’t eat for a few days. I was terrified I had made her sick. But she eventually started eating again.”

I just shook my head and knew if I ever left her in their care again, at least they will have learned the lesson that Josie gets a precise amount of food and no more.

By the way, she’s eating like a champ – as long as I mix in can food (darn spoilt dawg).

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