Holding up the wall

I’ve taken some time the past couple of weeks to finish projects around the house that have lingered unfinished for too long.

Maybe not actually finish them – but make progress towards finishing them.

One never ending lasting task is landscaping around the house. Over three years ago, with some encouragement from a friend, I decided to do some hardscaping in the front yard. I bought a ridiculous amount of landscape blocks – a lot more than I actually needed. With the help of my friend, we managed to build a lot of decent walls in my yard – both back and front.

Google street view even caught us on camera working – its hilarious.

And, of course, Josie and Bear made sure to pitch in.

As we worked in the back – they attentively watched to make sure nothing attacked the wall.

Up front, Josie tried her best to lay as close to the wall as possible. Is she trying to hold it up?


She even tried to convince me it was comfortable. IMG_0109

Bear had the better plan of keeping guard – making sure no one messed with the work.

This time around, I didn’t let the dogs spend too much time outside as I worked because I was using a saw to cut stone – lots of dust to worry about. But when they did join me, this is what it turned into – dogs on the deck, relaxing – watching my every move.IMG_2054

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