How to judge progress

IMG_2079I think I’m going to give up trying to figure out if Josie is making progress. Every time I try, something new shows up.

For instance, since starting metronomic therapy, her nosebleeds only happen every few weeks, no more seizures, she no longer sounds like she has the sniffles, but yet her third eyelid appeared.

When we stopped Palladia for a week, her third eyelid got worse and her breathing was noticeably louder.

IMG_2083She’s now been back on Palladia for just under a week. Her third eyelid appears better, her breathing is back to quiet but she has some noticeable swelling around her eye. Well, not swelling – it is disfigurement. Just under her eye you can see where it bulges out more than the other side. She kinda looks like she was in a fight.

Maybe it has been like this for a while and I’m just now noticing it. It’s really weird to look at her and not stare at it.

Overall though, with these constant changes it is hard to know if she is better or worse. If anything, she’s different. Every day – something different.

One thing I do know – she’s back to loving food. She’ll watch me whenever I’m in the kitchen, and do the usual sniffing around the house for scraps.

I think that is the only true gauge of how she is progressing. Eager for food = good.

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