Once you hit pavement, all bets are off

It was close to dark when the battery was finished charging for the new weed trimmer I received. Eager to test it, I grabbed the dogs and headed out front. They did their usual activity and settled down by the house while I got to work down by the road.

Shortly after I started, I realized it was “dog walk time” in the neighborhood as the couple who live across from me appeared with their two puppies – an excitable Lab named Lily and a mellow Newfoundland named Lucy. At the same time, another neighbor appeared walking her two dogs.

Josie and Bear both stood up to watch as the dogs passed by. Lucy made her way to me, and since she is adorable, I went and greeted her and talked to her owner. As I talked, Josie and Bear inched forward. When they got about half way down the driveway, I told them to stop and they did. I think that impressed the dog owners a bit – what can I say, my dogs listen.

Most times.

After all the other dogs had gone except Lucy, her owner said it was fine if the dogs said hello. I motioned Bear and Josie to join us by the road. They had a great time sniffing each other as Lucy’s owner told me what well behaved dogs they are. She even thought they had an electric fence which is why they stayed in the yard.

As I chatted with Lucy’s owner, Josie and Bear began to test their boundaries. Walking into the street – down the street – following other people walking by – not getting out of the road when cars came by – generally not listening.

So much for being well behaved dogs that listen.

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