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Thursday morning, Josie was eagerly waiting for her breakfast. Mixing in the can food means she has to wait a little longer for it. She never seems thrilled about that. I put the food down, she ran over to it and started eating. And spitting.

“This again?” I thought.

She ate about half and then walked away.

Since I had to get to work, I put her unfinished food bowl in her area so she could finish it if she got hungry during the day.

By the time I came home, it was gone. And she had no problem eating dinner.

Friday morning was the same.

However, Friday night was different. She ate a couple bites and that was it. She went back a few times, but left about half of the food uneaten.

Saturday morning was a repeat of Friday night. I had been giving her nausea medicine whenever she acted like this, either it wasn’t working or something else is going on here. I decided to do more research, with the end goal of knowing all the tips and tricks to get her to eat. I also went to the pet store to stock up on some treats and food to try.

I decided to pick up a small bag of dry food that was a completely different brand than normal. I also picked up some tasty treats, such as  lamb lung. I read a suggestion about turning it into powder and mixing it in the food.

IMG_4186When I got home, I decided to see if she’d liked the treats – she loved it. She came running over, extremely eager to eat. A sign that she probably isn’t nauseous today. She also kept following me around in the kitchen – eager for food. Every now then, she’d return to her bowl, sniff the food, take a piece, try and eat it and spit it out. She’d try that a few times and then give up.

Since it was still pretty early in the morning, I decided to try the lamb lung trick. Once mixed in with her food, she ate eagerly, but still spit out a good portion of the dry food.

Knowing not to force the issue, I let her be for the rest of the day until dinnertime.

When dinnertime rolled around, I grabbed a handful of the new dry food and offered it to her. She wolfed it down, tail wagging and asked for more.

Interesting – she’s obviously hungry. Very hungry.

I know better than to switch to the new food all at once, I prepared Josie’s dinner with a healthy heaping of canned food, her old dry food and a small portion of the new food mixed in.

She ate everything.

New theory – she’s developed a food aversion.

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