Food Aversion

Food aversion is extremely Pavlovian. Essentially, if a dog becomes really sick, they may associate what they eat with being sick.

Remember when Josie had that really bad case of diarrhea? Well, she hasn’t eaten normally since then. Chances are, she associated being sick with her dog food – and now, doesn’t want to eat it.

I stumbled across this blog post and it really solidified my thought process. I feel silly for missing this – it is such a simple answer to her recent dislike of her food. And her eagerness to eat anything but her food just confirms it.

Now the tricky part – how to prevent it from happening again. I’ve been giving Josie her Palladia at the same time as her dinner. That will have to change. I’ll give her something else – all sorts of new foods to try. And give her her dinner a little later in the day.

Fingers crossed it keeps her getting a new food aversion.

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