An old treat made brand new

In Josie’s younger years, I would get her nice heavy duty cow bones for her to chew on – the kind you can fill with peanut butter. I never had to fill them with anything, Josie would gnaw on one for hours on end. Its been a long time since I’ve gotten one for the dogs. They do manage to find old ones every now and then and chew for a few minutes. Nothing like their younger years.

Since I was at the pet store get Josie food, I decided she deserved a new bone. I picked up two – one for each dog. I even went the extra mile and filled both with a little bit of peanut butter. It didn’t take long before Josie commandeered both.

She’d chew and chew and chew. Just like her puppy days.

Then sniff to see if there was more peanut butter.


Then lick anything that may be lingering inside.


Overall, she had a blast.


Bear on the other hand, was a bit sad she wouldn’t let him play.


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