That’s my spot

It has been well established over the years that Josie owned the couch. She had her spot and no one ever questioned it. Bear didn’t mind. The only time he ever wanted up on the couch was when a storm approached and he wanted to be as close to me as possible.

Out of the blue in 2013 Bear decided he liked Josie’s spot on the couch. He jumped up on the couch and tried to settle down in her spot. There was one small problem. Josie was already there.


That didn’t bother him one bit. He settled down and tried to look cool – like this was all natural. Josie on the other hand wasn’t pleased one bit. The battle went on for a short while but in the end, Josie jumped down and moved somewhere else.

Winner: Bear.

A few days later, Bear decided to repeat this move. This time around, Josie didn’t give any ground and Bear never really looked comfortable.


But he tried.


Shortly after his attempt, realizing Josie wasn’t going anywhere this time he relented and jumped down – giving her back her spot in peace.

Winner: Josie

Despite the score being clearly 1:1, he hasn’t tried again since then.

Winner: Josie

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