Time for an adjustment

IMG_1960Josie and I made our way to her oncologist’s office bright and early today. Number one topic to discuss:  despite having no other issues, Josie has become an extremely finicky eater. It is a drastic change from the dog that eats anything.

Her weight is up, so all the work finding stuff for her to eat is working. But given it is still a battle, the oncologist changed her scheduled a bit to reduce the Palladia with the hope that her appetite will return closer to normal. Instead of three times a week, we are reducing it to twice a week. And we are giving it try for two weeks. If nothing changes, it will be the end of Josie’s time with Palladia. If she gets better, she can continue on it for a little while longer.

The good news is, overall she seems to be doing well. Absolutely no sign of the tumor growing. Still has airflow, no lumps or bumps, no external pain. Even the swelling on her eye disappeared as soon as she re-started the Palladia. And as of today – four weeks with no nosebleeds. Here’s hoping we can beat the previous record of five weeks.

I was very happy when Dr W suggested a reduced two week schedule. I was going to suggest something similar myself, as I was not ready to commit Josie to another full four weeks of stomach upset. Its all about her quality of life, and keeping the rest of the symptoms at bay while feeling like you are gonna throw up can’t be fun.

So what will happen in two weeks if Josie is still struggling to eat? There are alternatives to Palladia – so there are options. We’ll just have to see how she is in two weeks.

Until then, I’ve learned she loves bone broth, hates anything with fish (dry and can), and as of right now – can food only. If she even smells dry she won’t touch it, not even to lick off  the good stuff and spit out the kibble.

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2 Responses to Time for an adjustment

  1. 4 weeks!!! Holy cows! My paws are crossed (all four of them! ❤ and *ear licks* Noodle

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