Small town shops

I’m a researcher. What do I mean by that? If I really care about something, I will google it until I find the end of the internet on that topic. Understanding most of what I find is people’s opinion versus scientific fact, I weigh it all and try and come up with a course of action.

This is true for Josie’s tumor and how to handle it. It is also true for her food aversions. After much research as to what is the best dry foods out there, I went and purchased some. Only to discover Josie was done with all dry foods. That left canned food. More research to find the best canned food. I picked up a couple cans, enough for a day or two just in case she changed her mind and I needed to try something new.

IMG_5784At meal times, I’ve been scooping out spoonfuls of food into her bowl which she eats eagerly until she is done and walks away. Most days, we don’t get through an entire can – which is far below the feeding guidelines.

I’ve become a bit obsessed with what to feed her and how to feed her. I’m probably doing everything wrong, but my goal is to get food into her.

Today, when I went to go pick up lunch, I swung by the pet store to pick up some cans of food for Josie. An hour or so later, I got the phone call from the oncologist’s office – her blood work and urine results were in.

I haven’t completely forgotten about Josie’s elevated protein levels in her urine. It just happens to be a topic that only comes up when reviewing her blood and urine results. Last time, they did a protein/creatinine ratio. The results confirmed something was off and the theory is it is caused by the Palladia.

At the time of the results, we were unsure if Josie would continue on the Palladia. If she wasn’t, the levels should return to normal on their own. If she does, Dr W prescribed Enalapril to offset the effects.

After starting Josie back on the Palladia, and having a semi-decent response to it, I decided to start her on the Enalapril. At this point, what’s one more pill?

This week’s results showed a troubling trend (my words, not the oncologist’s):  the protein levels were worse.

Their recommendation: fish oil and doubling the dose of Enalapril.

At this point I asked a question that is actually controversial. I mentioned I feed my dog high quality food which tends to be high in protein – could that be part of the problem? Dr W’s response – find food with lower protein.

I had a plan – feed high quality canned food to my dog. It was working – she was eating. I had no idea how to find high quality food with low protein. Let alone canned food with lower protein in it.

There is a small, local shop just minutes from my office. I had heard enough about it to know the owner was very knowledgable about dog nutrition. In fact, it was their Facebook page that inspired me to make the dogs bone broth. After work, I hopped in my truck and headed there for much needed help.

They were awesome. They listened to my story as I told them about Josie and her tumor and current food problems and pointed me in the direction of some awesome food. It’s a grain free dehydrated pre-mix – where I can add my own protein to it. Easy way to stay grain free and control the protein levels. They also pointed me in the direction of some quality fish oil. Win win.

I don’t know yet if Josie will like this food, but I feel happy about it. And I know I’ll definitely be returning to the shop – hopefully I can bring the dogs in to say hello.

Sometimes living near a small town has its perks.

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