The carrot

Every now and then, I toss the dogs a baby carrot or two from the fridge. As usual, Bear is always hesitant to eat it. Josie gobbles them down like they are the best treat ever.

Lately, with Josie’s decreased appetite, she hasn’t been too eager to eat baby carrots. Some days she will, some days she sniffs it and walks away.

Today was different. Shortly after her first meal of the day, I tossed her a carrot. She sniffed it and walked away. I left it there, figuring I would pick it up later, or Bear might eat it.

A little while later, the carrot was in a different room. One of the dogs must have moved it, I just didn’t know which one.

Later that afternoon, I had all but forgotten about the carrot. Bear and I were hanging out outside (and by that I mean I was giving him a bath). When we came back inside, Josie was in her usual spot next to the couch, and the carrot was next to her. Looks like she has been moving it around all day, keeping it close, in case she feels up to eating it at some point.


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