A trip to the store

While at the local doggie shop the other day, the owner recommended some organic yogurt with probiotics that happens to be sold at a grocery store I happen to despise going to. It is a very popular store that has a lot of variety and healthy options. If you need something unusual, chances are this grocery store will have it. But I avoid the store at all costs. Its crowded, the isles aren’t wide enough for two carts to pass, its hard to find items and I find it very dark inside. One time, while shopping there with a friend, I had to phone another friend to ask where we might find horseradish cause no matter how hard we looked, we couldn’t find it. Turns out, he had had a similar problem and told us three places it might be – all on opposite ends of the store.

I really hate that place.

But, yogurt is good for dogs and the extra probiotics could possibly help Josie with some of her digestive issues. I had checked all the other grocery stores, and none had anything comparable to offer. So off I went.

Upon my arrival early on a Sunday morning, I noticed the packed parking lot. My heart sank as I knew I’d be battling crowds of eager shoppers.

I first decided to peruse the meat section – doesn’t hurt to become familiar with what they have. It was swarming with people. I headed to an area with the least amount of people – organic meats.

As I was looking at the organic poultry, I spotted a familiar couple just a few feet from me. At first I couldn’t quite place them. Then it clicked – they were the owners of the small town dog shop! Just as it clicked for me, they looked at me. I smiled hello. They gave me the “Who in the world are you?” look back.

“Hi!” I said eagerly, quickly following with “you’re the Dog Krazy folks!”

I sounded like a complete idiot. I should have just left them in peace to do their shopping.

It took them a few seconds, but then they remembered me as well – remembering what dog food I had purchased.

We made some small talk, they inquired if Josie liked the food. I had to disappoint them and tell them not really. She’ll eat it once in awhile, but not very often. I wasn’t ready to give up on it yet though, so I was trying different ways to mix it up to see if one worked. They had some suggestions, most I had tried already such as adding broth or bone broth. One suggestion that I found humorous was to pretend I was eating it and then give her some from “my plate”. I guess that would make her think it was people food. Funny, but it might be worth trying. They also suggested a different environment and people. “Bring her by the shop, I’ll feed your dog!”

I didn’t keep them long, and felt a bit bad for interrupting their shopping. Before leaving, I did find the organic yogurt and decided to pick up some more beef bones for broth (the first batch is all but gone – it didn’t make much).

I don’t know if I’ll take them up on that particular offer, but I do need to bring the dogs by and visit the shop.

In the meantime, Josie liked the yogurt. I had some too – its pretty good for plain yogurt.

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