All tied up

IMG_5485Today marks the official tie with the 5 week record.

And all signs point to the tumor being under control.

No nosebleeds. Not even snottiness. No hard breathing. Minimal eye discharge. Her third eyelid is less noticeable, you barely see it (a change from just a day or so ago).

Palladia is doing its job.

But Josie is done with Palladia.

Its working hard, but its beating her up more than the tumor is right now. The twenty four hours after her dose, she’s exhausted, barely eats and her stomach makes all sorts of noises. Not the “I’m hungry” sounds. More like the “I’m eating myself” sounds. It takes days to recover, only to go through it all again after the next dose.

So I’m calling it. No more Palladia. It worked great with little to no side effects for the first couple of months. But I guess they eventually catch up.

In celebration of the record about to be broken and her new freedom from stomach upsetting meds, Josie will be enjoying a wonderful dinner of: bone broth, raw goat’s milk (her absolute favorite), and ground beef.  Three things she has yet to walk away from.

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