Licking the bowl clean

IMG_2146After trying various dry foods, canned foods and even freeze dried pre-mixes, I decided to go back to basics with Josie. Meat. As long as I didn’t mix it with anything, Josie devoured any meat I offered her.

Upon this discovery, I consulted with the oncologist and the consensus was if that’s all she eats, give it to her.

So after work, I went meat shopping. It is kinda amazing how much a dog her size really needs to eat in one day. As soon as I got home, I fired up a pot of boiling water and boiled some ground beef.

Once it was done, I mixed some of it up with some oatmeal, boiled liver, hard boiled egg and gave it to Josie.

IMG_2147She licked the bowl clean.

Not wanting to upset her stomach – I waited a couple of hours before giving her more. This time with rice instead of oatmeal. I added some broth from the pot I cooked the meat in to add some moisture. I also added some yogurt and cottage cheese.

She didn’t lick the bowl clean, but she came damn near close.

A couple hours later, I made her up another batch. Once again, she licked the bowl clean and actually looked around for more.

It’s not a balanced diet. But she eats it. And as she continues to eat it, I’ll add in some stuff she needs – like veggies.

Hopefully, this is a good sign.

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