Like a cat stuck in a tree

IMG_2152Bear’s arthritis has been flaring up this week. It’s really his own fault. His meds work so well he forgets he has it and acts like a puppy. Afterwards, he limps for a few days. This time around, he was having difficulty with the stairs. I know he likes to go up there when I’m not at home. In order to prevent him for causing more trouble for himself, I used various items to block off the bottom of the steps so he wouldn’t go up.

When I came home from work, Bear did not greet me at the door. As I put the items in my hands down and let Josie outside, I noticed Bear still had not come to greet me.

I walked around to the bottom of the steps and discovered Bear. He had figured out how to get around my makeshift barrier to get up the stairs. But like a cat stuck in a tree, couldn’t figure out how to get back down.

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