How my dog tricked me into cooking for her

As you recall, I sought out help in dealing with Josie’s food pickiness. The food I picked up there is wonderful. It is a freeze dried pre-mix. The idea of going to the pre-mix means I control how much protein she gets. Fantastic when you need to reduce protein intake.

When I got home and opened the bag I was impressed. This food is awesome. The ingredients list is awesome, the smell is awesome. All I had to do was add water and meat and she’d be good to go.

She liked it the first day. Tolerated it the second day. Then didn’t want it any day after that.

This food is perfect – what is wrong with my dog?

IMG_2151Since stopping the Palladia, Josie has been consuming a huge amount of meat. It is all I could get her to eat consistently. As days have gone by, I’ve increased what I’ve mixed in so she just isn’t eating meat. But her diet is far from balanced.

I want her eating the pre-mix I bought (with protein I add). This stuff is golden – and balanced. But was it too late? Had she developed a dislike for it after only two days?

I turned to the internet, as I do often. And discovered this genius idea: she might have an aversion to mushy textured food – which is what the pre-mix is. It is really gross to look at, despite smelling awesome. I also found if I scooped out a bit of canned food, she would eat it. But if I mushed it up, she didn’t. So – new theory – Josie doesn’t want mushy food. Or dry food. What to do?

The genius who had this idea tried something with her dog – making a meatloaf with the food instead of presenting her dog with mushy awesomeness. Her dog loved it.

So this weekend, I gave it a try. I was making some burgers for myself so I made two for Josie – using her pre-mix dog food.

She LOVED them.

So the next day, I made even more – enough to see if I could switch her over to it. Instead of burgers, I made a meatloaf. I also added some sweet potato and zucchini and squash. As it baked, my house smelled awesome. This dog food really does have a great smell to it – I almost want to eat the food myself.

The result – she’s eating it. Consistently.

I won’t say for sure this plan will work – but if it does, I’m grateful.

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