Group trip to the vet

It has been roughly two weeks since Josie started fish oil and an increased dosage of Enalapril to try and reduce the levels of protein in her urine. That meant a trip to the vet to check her levels.

The trip was rather timely. Over the weekend, Josie had two very small cysts burst. One she has had for years and it never bothered her. The other one was relatively new. I never gave them much thought.

Until this weekend.

I first noticed what looked like some matted fur on Josie. I just thought she got into something and waited to clean it up. I honestly have no idea how long it was like that for. When I went to go clean her up, I realized something was really wrong. The skin underneath was red, it was icky. I got out some scissors and trimmed the fur and did my best to clean whatever it was. It took some researching on the internet to figure it out – the oldest cyst had burst. I cleaned the area as best I could and shaved the area. However, the damage was already done – the next day it looked worse.

That same day, her newer one burst – but this time I was prepared and easily trimmed the fur around it and cleaned it up. It looks great.

Of course this happens over a holiday weekend. Good thing I already had an appointment scheduled. I called as soon as they opened to let them know Josie needed to be checked out, not just have her urine checked.

I also inquired about bringing Bear in. As you might recall, he’s been licking one of his legs to the point of causing a lick granuloma. He’s been persistent so I decided he should be checked too. The vet was awesome about it – two dogs, one trip. Win win for me.

IMG_1799Josie got checked out first. Dr K was pleased with her progress, especially her current six week record for no nosebleeds. She did note there was some muscle wasting, which is very noticeable in Josie’s face. I was pleased when they weighed Josie: 42.4 pounds. Nice! Dr K then checked out the problem cyst. Sure enough – it needed attention. Despite how bad it looked, she told me good news. If Josie wasn’t on Prednisone – it could have been a lot worse. Prednisone is actually what she would have prescribed to help heal it. Talk about good news! She trimmed the fur a lot more and sprayed it down with a topical and gave me an antibiotic. She was very hesitant – she didn’t want to upset Josie’s balance now that she is getting back to normal after her Palladia treatment. But the severity of the skin irritation warranted it. Between that, as well as increasing her Prednisone dose for a couple of days, the topical spray and a cone of shame to prevent Josie from licking at it, she should be all healed up in a couple of weeks.

Bear was next. I loved her response to the lick granuloma – there is no treating it. No matter what you do, it comes back. It’s an OCD thing with the dog – its all in their head. Anything you do just causes them to lick somewhere else. Instead, she wanted to treat what might be causing him to lick – such as an ache from his arthritis. This actually makes sense because he didn’t start doing this until a year or so ago – about the time he started getting slow. So we discussed some ways to manage his pain with Tramadol as well as the NSAIDs he is on.

As I was checking out, she gave more great news. Josie’s urine looked perfectly normal.

So despite Josie’s burst cysts, it was an awesome trip to the vet.

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