Learned a new term today

I learned a new term today: pred head.

What’s pred head? This is:

Before prednisone:

After prednisone (long term):

See a difference?

Josie has slowly been weakening. She hasn’t been able to do stairs in a while (up or down) and lately, even standing up has been hard. Last week she started to stumble – her front legs gave out and she rolled right onto her face.

It was at the top of my list of items to discuss with her oncologist, Dr W. After checking her out, she agreed – Josie was experiencing muscle wasting. The course of action – drastically reducing her prednisone dosage (slowly).

The good news is, Josie’s tumor seems relatively controlled. She is now at eight weeks without any major nosebleeds. Every day I wonder if this is the day to break that record. I’ve been thinking that for three weeks and so far nothing. She gives no indication of pain. Her worst sign is her right eye. You may notice in the picture it looks off. Well, it is starting to be affected by the tumor. Dr W confirmed Josie can still see, it just points in a different direction than the other eye. I asked how in the world she handles that – and how is she not bumping into things.

Dr W’s response: don’t move your furniture. She has your house memorized and relies a lot on scent.

Good to know.

We discussed alternatives to Palladia, since that is no longer an option. Her suggestion was another chemo drug, Cytoxan to attack it from a different angle. I decided since Josie is doing relatively well, despite appearances, to not make too many changes. Right now, what she is on is working, relatively speaking. And I’d rather see what reducing the prednisone does first before introducing something new. She agreed – so for now – thats the plan.

Josie looks really pitiful in that picture above of her with “pred head”. No worries, she is in good spirits. This was her while I was making dinner – tail wagging, ears perked up. She was ready and waiting for it. She even tried to steal Bear’s food before I placed hers in front of her.


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