No one ever talks about it

Josie has some really awesome features. She is almost a mix n’ match creature: one blue eye, one brown. One solid ear, one polka dotted. Body half white, half brown. All making an adorable dog.

Everyone always talks about her eye – her glass eye.

IMG_1150Although it is her most noticeable feature, I’ve always been partial to her ears. They remind me of a horse, especially when sticking straight up. And I love that they look completely different. As if from two different dogs.

After her most recent vet trip, I decided to take her to the dog shop. She loved sniffing around, especially the empty food bowls and treats. The owner came out to check out the new dog and made one comment – she loved her ear. Her one “speckled ear”. Just like her dog – and she pointed to her dog, Piglet, who was standing behind the counter.

Speckled ear. Never called it that, but yes – it is pretty awesome. I love it too. And no one, I mean no one, has ever commented on it.

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