Almost everyone loves a good chew toy

IMG_5832I recently signed the dogs up for a short 3 month trial of BarkBox. They don’t care much for toys, but the treats should be fun.

The first box came last month. It included a handful of toys the dogs have ignored (Capone loved) and some tasty treats that are long since gone. It also included a “Yak Chew”.

I held onto this, debating when to give it to the dogs. While researching how I can help Josie build muscle back, one random person in one random forum suggested chewing for building muscles back in the head. I highly doubt it will work, but can’t hurt to try.

So earlier this week I broke out the yak chew.

Josie went nuts. I think she was trying to swallow it whole.

Bear went nuts too. After Josie chewed on it for a significant amount of time, I decided to let Bear have a try. He was really eager about it until I put it right in front of him.

Then he didn’t have a clue and could care less.IMG_5837

So I gave it back to Josie and she chewed on it until she was exhausted from chewing. The yak chew wasn’t even dented.

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