A few years back, some friends of mine purchased a plot of land. It had rolling hills – perfect for sledding. So a plan was hatched – next snowfall – we would go sledding.

There was one slight problem – we live in Virginia. If it snows enough to go sledding, chances are it will be melted by the time the roads are cleared and we can drive anywhere.

Luckily, in 2010 we had our chance. It had snowed a significant amount, and with 4 wheel drive vehicles, we all met up to go sledding down the most awesome hill ever. Complete with a tree line at the bottom to stop your descent.

I, of course, brought my dogs. What fun is snow without dogs? I did not however bring their snowshoes – aka muttlucks.  More on those later.

By the time we could all meet up for some fun in the snow, the powdery, fluffy awesome white stuff had turned into an icy, slick surface. Perfect for sledding. Not so perfect for paws.

That didn’t stop determined dogs. They had so much fun chasing us down the hill.

In the end, after a few runs, I had to stop Bear and Josie – the icy surface cut their paws. They still had fun. Overall, a good day for all dogs involved.

(And yes, this is where that awesome picture of Josie that is the banner for the site was shot.)

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One Response to Snowapalooza

  1. Whoaaaaaa! I’ve never seen anything like that before. I live in FL. The only white stuff I ever see is soap in my bath. Anywho, I gave you the Blogger Recognition Award. Come look: *ear licks* Noodle


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