Sweet, sweet dog.

IMG_4180Saturday appeared out of no where – officially marking one week.

I got the mail, not expecting anything.

There it was – a card from the oncologist. I wondered if they would send something, but I didn’t expect what I received.

I work in an office – I know how “the card” gets passed around and you jot down “Sorry for you loss” without a second thought. This was not that.

Each member of the staff, all that had interacted with Josie, wrote a personal message. The recurring theme in all their words: “sweet girl”.

Over the past year, I’ve heard that more than once. I never thought of Josie as sweet – I always thought of her as AWESOME. But, yeah, she was pretty sweet.

One benefit of a rough year – lots of folks now know how sweet (and awesome) she was – it ain’t just me.

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