How’s Bear doing?

I was really worried about how Bear would handle Josie’s passing. Especially after I heard him howling for us after we left him home alone. So how’ he doing?

He’s perfectly fine. He doesn’t seem to notice her absence. (The prick.) Overall, I think he is enjoying being an only dog for awhile.

And I’m spoiling him rotten. Today, he went on a huge adventure.

The plan was simple. He had a vet appointment scheduled for first thing in the morning, followed by his grooming appointment. During which time, I would go to work, which happens to be 5 minutes away. When he was done getting all clean, I’d pick him up, take him home and return to work.

That was the plan.

It started out well. The vet was really fast, after all it was just a blood work check before getting refills on his meds. We even had some spare time before his grooming appointment. So we decided to swing by the office and introduce him to some folks.

He loved it! He got to meet a handful of folks and I got to feel like a rebel bringing my dog into work.

Next, I dropped him off at the groomer’s. Now, despite how pretty he is, I have never once gotten him professionally groomed. So this was a real treat for him. I was a bit worried how he would do, so I made sure the groomer knew about his arthritis, his seizures and his over all nervous behavior. She re-assured me he’d be fine and he’d be ready in about two hours.

That was perfect timing – I had two meetings scheduled at work during that time and they would end about that time. My plan was working.

As soon as I arrived for meeting number one, our customer popped his head in and asked the team if our 11 o’clock meeting could be rescheduled to 1 in the afternoon. My response to the team – “Works for me, but I’m bringing my dog.” Everyone was cool with it.

Around noon, the groomer called to say Bear was ready. When I arrived, she was busy working on the next dog while Bear was walking around waiting for me. She warned me not to step in the present he left on the floor – silly dog had pooped for her. I was mortified.

After picking up some lunch, Bear and I made it back to the office shortly before the rescheduled meeting time. As I enjoyed lunch at my desk, Bear made friends with everyone.

When it was meeting time, I walked down to the conference room, running into our customer just outside it.

“Oh my goodness!  A dog!” He exclaimed. “You are just the best thing ever.” He reached down and gave Bear a good petting. “You made my day. This is the best place ever.”

After our meeting, I realized I had another meeting in just under an hour – not enough time to run Bear home and get back. So Bear was sticking around even longer.

Before settling into work, we made the rounds. The reactions where awesome. They ranged from “Hey – it’s a dog!” to “Did I just see a dog?” He was quite the hit.

After the rounds, I returned to my desk to do some good old fashioned problem solving. Bear took a nap. He didn’t even budge when one gentleman exclaimed, “Do you guys know there is a dog up here? Seriously – there’s a dog.” I just worked and he just napped.

Towards the end of the day, I gave Bear a break and started carrying him up stairs. This included when we made my way to my final meeting of the day. At the top of the stairs, we ran into yet another dog enthusiast. He asked me how old Bear was.

“Ten,” I replied.

“Wow. He’s really spry for being that old.”

“Did you not just see me carrying him up the stairs?” I asked with a smile on my face.

He laughed and agreed.

IMG_0035After the meeting, I wrapped up things and Bear and I headed out. And of course, he couldn’t resist meeting at least one more person in the parking lot.

“I thought I saw a dog,” she said. “But he’s so quiet. You would never know he was here.”

After his day full of meeting people, he is now resting peacefully. Quite the exhausting day.

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