Is Bear a weekend warrior?

As you might recall, Bear has arthritis. A few weeks ago, gosh, maybe a month or two ago, he ran full speed and came back limping. I wrote it off as he pushed himself too hard and caused his arthritis to act up. I gave him his meds and tried to give him rest, but he still insisted on doing things himself.

Between then and now, he’s been checked by the vet and we both agreed – time to try some pain meds along with his anti-inflammatory. Also, I decided to try a different supplement to see if it helps more with his joints.

He still limped – always the same leg.

Than I remembered – I remember the time Josie decided to be a weekend warrior. What if Bear had done the same thing? The vet has checked him out, and specifically checks his knees when she checks his hips, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t strain it. It might just mean he hurt it a little and if he doesn’t rest it could get worse.

So I’ve started a new course of action to help Bear and his limping – same deal as Josie got – confinement when I’m not around and no stairs, jumping or running.

Well, confinement might be an issue. Remember this? So instead, I put him in the same makeshift confinement I made for Josie. I just didn’t lock it. That worked great for Josie – she’d stay there for hours. Bear is different. When I arrived home, I found him wandering around the house.

If I can’t confine him to a small area, I’ll just confine him to the first floor. So I rigged up a way to block the stairs. “This will work” I told myself. My plan was sheer elegance in its simplicity:

Bear did not agree. I came home to this:

I decided to up the ante a bit. I used more boxes (ironically, the one that housed the gate I bought but had not yet installed):


Once again, Bear outsmarted me:


Time to install the gate – since keeping it in the box wasn’t helping.  It isn’t elegant, but it looks like it might work.


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2 Responses to Is Bear a weekend warrior?

  1. My Mom just bought the Carlson Extra Tall Walk Thru gate. It has a latching door so you don’t have to take the gate down every time you want to go up the steps. She told me to tell you she loves it. I love it because she bought the one with the kitty door and I can fit through it to escape Macy. *ear licks* Noodle


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