It’s cold out there

Growing up, my family had a dog. She taught me a lot about dogs: they hate blankets, like to be left alone and run away a lot.

Josie re-taught me that dogs are so much more. First, she loved snuggling. And if it involved blankets, even better.

When the temperature dropped in the fall, that was when she snuggled the most. And not only did she love to snuggle, she loved to be buried under the blankets.

I often woke up in the middle of the night to Josie standing over me – shifting her weight between her legs, as if she knew that would wake me from my sleep. Recognizing what she wanted, I would lift my top level blanket. She’d start to go under it and then, realizing there were more blankets under it, she would back up and return to staring at me. She was never satisfied until I lifted all the blankets for her. Then she’d crawl under, curl up in a ball and settle in for a nice warm sleep.

Over the years, I captured many photos of her with blankets – from only burying her face into them, to keeping her nose warm to full on “this is my happy place” blanket moments. Here’s a few for you.

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