IMG_4202A few days ago, some old pictures of Josie popped up on my Facebook page. Apparently, 6 years earlier I had given her a tennis ball and shared it with my world of friends.

It reminded me of playing fetch with Josie in her younger days. As you might recall, when I first got her my yard wasn’t fenced in. And not wanting a young puppy to go running off, I played fetch in doors with her instead of outside.

We had a blast.
I had various versions of fetch I would play with her.  Some days, I would throw it in one direction clear across the house, then lay down – blocking her path. She’d jump over me as she came running back full speed.

IMG_4203In another version, my personal favorite, I would throw it against the wall. Being a dog, she figured the closer to the wall she was the better for her. But I’d throw it high and with enough umpf that it would sail over her head – forcing her to jump for it and when she missed, run after it.

I still remember playing this version when my parents came to visit. My dad immediately scolded me for throwing a tennis ball against the wall. I politely reminded him it was my wall, my house, my rules. Plus, it was a great way to get the energy out of a young puppy.

As Josie aged, she stopped playing fetch. That didn’t stop her love of tennis balls. She loved grabbing a hold of them in her paws and ripping ever single piece of fuzz off of them.

That’s what she did six years ago. And you can tell, she loved every minute of it.



(Side note – someone needed to trim those nails!  Sheesh!)

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4 Responses to Fetch

  1. You came back with a story about Josie! Thank you for coming back. I loved reading about Josie and her love of fetch. *ear licks* Noodle

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  2. Defuzzing tennis balls are my dogs dream occupation!

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