Winter’s past

I’m from New York.  That means I expect snow in December.  However, I live in Virginia. That means I expect temperatures ranging from 80 to 20 in December.  I’ve adapted.

But I still remember the one December that was awesome. It was 2009. It snowed.

And snowed.

And snowed.

Did I mention, we had snow?

It was awesome.

Josie did not think it was awesome. She acted like she hated the snow (secretly, I think she loved it). It made her wet. And cold. Bear was different – it stuck to him like glue – completely covering him.


I recall this one particular storm lasting overnight, from Dec 19 through the 20th. I kept watching it accumulate, amazed this was happening in Virginia of all places. By morning, my deck was buried. I was worried it might not hold (not really – I built a strong deck).


In the morning, I let the dogs out to do their business. Bear wanted nothing to do with the snow. He even found the only patch of grass to be found.


It wasn’t the only snow we got that year, more on that later. But the pups did get a bit of a break. We went south for Christmas. And as much as the dog’s complained about the snow, they did not want to enjoy the warmer weather. I practically had to bribe Josie to sit still for this Christmas Eve picture:


She should have enjoyed it more – because that year, once we got back to VA, the snow came back in full force.

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