Moose Farm

img_4131Funny thing about Facebook. It reminds you of days long gone. Today, it reminded me of camping at the Moose Farm.

I don’t recall how long ago this was. Facebook tells me it was in 2009. Some co-workers had recently purchased a plot of land that was perfect for camping. Being a bunch of software and office geeks, we loved the idea of spending time in the great outdoors. Especially when it was 5 minutes away from civilization. It wasn’t long before a plan was hatched to have a campout at the new plot of land, informally called Moose Farm after their dog, Texas. (I think Moose was his nickname).

This wasn’t a great place for camping, mostly just an open field. But it worked. We set up the tents on one hill and left the rest for roaming and exploration.

The dogs had a lot of fun exploring. The ironic part was Josie. At home, she rarely left the deck. But once she was in unexplored territory, she would roam. She did her best to keep up with Yeti, a young white German Shepherd.  Bear, went along with them. But I think he just followed because he didn’t want to be left alone in a strange place.

img_4143After Bear and Josie had tuckered out (it didn’t take long) the resident German Shepherds, Yeti and Texas, still had fun playing in the field. They had a unique way of playing. I think it usually involved Yeti’s owner doing anything and everything to tucker him out (and failing), and Texas trying to get Yeti to play with him.

img_4156Where were my dogs? Well, they have never been very energetic. Apparently, one short stroll in a field really wiped them out. Bear feel asleep while we were around the campfire, and I’m sure Josie was sleeping somewhere as well, probably by food.

It wasn’t long until the sun started to go down, the moon came out, the dogs got really tired and the people got tired too. The campfire was going, food was cooking and people just had fun sitting around not thinking about anything else other than just relaxing.


Josie and Bear had never slept in a tent before. Needless to say, we didn’t sleep much. And by the time morning came, I was still pretty tired. So were they. And surprisingly, so was Yeti.

To this day, I don’t think Yeti’s owner has ever seen him sleep for more than a minute or two. But this day, this morning, he was out while breakfast was cooking.

Speaking of breakfast, Josie didn’t let being tired distract her from her one mission in life: FOOD.  She set up shop under the table, waiting for any scraps that would come in her direction.

And where was Bear?  Glad you asked.  He was over it. He spent the morning by the truck. He wanted to make sure I didn’t leave him behind.


When we got home, we all had one thing on our minds: sleep. Josie was the smart one in the group. She took over the couch.


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  1. The Admiral says:

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    Bear’s younger years, with Josie.


  2. Pet Barrier says:

    Josie just looks adorable sleeping on the couch like that. -Ellie

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