• Summer – First nose bleed, right side only. [First warning sign]
  • Fall – Congestion.  Antibiotics and prednisone temporarily help. [Sounds like the sniffles]
  • 12 December – Seek out a new vet who thinks cancer is a strong possibility. Ups prednisone dosage, tries different antibiotic.  Recommends rhinoscopy for a diagnosis. [Persistent congestionSecond opinion]
  • 20 December – No air flow out of right side of her nose.
  • 26 December – Nose bleeds return, become a daily event.


  • 6 January – MRI shows a mass.  Biopsy.  Start weening off prednisone in preparation of NSAIDs. [Dogs have internal medicine vets?]
  • 13 January – Biopsy results indicate no sign of cancer. [Sometimes biopsy results are not helpful]
  • 20 January – Consult with surgeon who recommends removing all of tumor (and a significant portion of the bone in her nasal passage – an option I had already ruled out). [Not an option]
  • 26 January – First massive sneezing/nose bleed event. [Crime scene]
  • 28 January – Second massive sneezing/nose bleed event.  Started Yunnan Baiyao and Piroxicam.  Nose bleeds stop. [Getting the ball rolling again]
  • 4 February – Consult with oncologist.  Confirms suspected adenocarcinoma.  Recommends trephine nasal biopsy.  Provides good news – air flow has returned to both sides! [Oncology]
  • 6 February – Trephine nasal biopsy. [Surgery and recovery]
  • 18 February – Biopsy results still indicate no cancer. Surgeon confirms he visualized the tumor and got samples from it – so maybe, just maybe, this is something else. Maybe. [Conflicting data]
  • 20 February – Stitches removed [Freedom!]
  • 7 March – First seizure [New symptoms]
  • 10 March – Oncologist recommends metronomic therapy. [All in]
  • 13 March – First dose Palladia
  • 14 March – Re-started Prednisone (after washout period)
  • 19 March – First dose Chlorambucil [The regimen]
  • 2 April – Bloodwork – looks good
  • 14 April – One month check up [CheckupResults]
  • 22 June – Third eyelid appears [Something new]
  • 1 July – One year anniversary of first nosebleed [One Year]
  • 6 July – Elevated protein levels in urine [So how’s she really doing, Scrum dog]
  • 16 July – First bout of bad diarrhea, leads to lack of appetite [Add one more medicine to the list]
  • 29 July – Temporarily stopping Palladia due to lack of appetite [Bottomless pit no more]
  • 5 August – Restart Palladia  [Restart]
  • 24 August – Reducing Palladia to twice a week [Time for an adjustment]
  • 25 August – Protein levels in urine rise [Small town shops]
  • 27 August – Last dose of Palladia – stopping due to side effects [All tied up]
  • 21 September – Reducing Prednisone due to side effects (muscle wasting) [Learned a new term today]
  • 3 October – Josie crossed the rainbow bridge, ending her fight with cancer. [Four thousand seven hundred and thirty two]

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