Fresh cut grass

In my youth, I was dedicated to mowing my lawn every week, sometimes twice a week if the grass was growing fast.  In my old age (aka –  a few years later), I have been less faithful to cause. I’ve found reasons and distractions to let the lawn go wild.

This year is different.

This year, I got a new lawn mower (makes a huge difference).

This year, I owe it to Josie to not let the grass grow taller then she is.

That said, I didn’t mow the lawn this weekend. The rain on Saturday prevented me. And my laziness prevented me on Sunday.

So yesterday evening, I finally got out and mowed the back. Not the front – but the back. For the dogs.

It was so nice, I even left the dogs out and they hung out on the deck watching me mow.

When I was done, I approached the deck and the dogs got excited. I sneezed. Josie then sneezed.

“I have allergies,” I said. “What’s your excuse?”

I paused, looking at her. She sneezed again.

“Right…Nasal tumor. You win.”

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